Process Time in Lieu to accrue RDOs

This document explains how to set up Constructor Payroll in a scenario where employees work a small portion of extra (unpaid) hours each week in order to qualify for that rostered time off. It will cover setting up all the required parameters (employee pay, costing and entitlement rates and payroll components) and also how to process the Payroll transactions in order to accrue the required “Rostered Days Off” entitlement, use up that entitlement when the leave is taken and cost the required amounts to projects each pay period.
In a nutshell, the system will process paid and unpaid leave each pay period, but cost all hours worked to the required projects. It will also accrue entitlements as required to ensure each employee is credited with sufficient hours each pay period, and reduce those hours accrued when the RDOs are taken. You can define the rate at which all hours (paid and unpaid) are costed to projects as well as the rate employees are actually paid, whether or not if differs from the on-cost rate.