Pay Invoices Screen

As of Version 2.11, the way that batch invoices are paid has changed. Constructor now has a new payment processing screen called the ‘Pay Invoices’ Screen. From the ‘Pay Invoices’ screen you can now;
• Pay both EFT and cheque payments from the one bank account at the same time
• Select custom payment ID’s for any payment
• Post date a batch of payments
• Select the bank account to be used for a batch payment
• Select the specific payment method for any transaction
• Choose if you wish to print pre-printed cheques
• Choose if you wish to create an .aba file to upload into your banking software
• Choose if you wish to proceed to the remittance summary or remain in the invoice summary
The following items have been removed from the payment process;
• There is no longer an EFT button in the Invoice Summary menu
• Annoying pop-up windows no longer appear throughout the payment process