Creditor Trial Balance Balancing Issues

Although it is not supposed to happen, from time to time the creditor trial balance will not balance with the trade creditors G/L account. There are a couple of issues that can cause this but one of the main offending reasons is when an AP invoice is found to be post-date its corresponding AP remittance. Fixing the problem is easy, but finding the problem can be tedious and time consuming. What we recommend to do is start at the current day and go back month by month until you find a point in time where the two account balance. Then go forward in time a week at a time until the two accounts go back out of balance, then go back in time day by day until you find the day it balances again. By doing this exercise, you will now know which exact day the accounts cease to balance. The best two reports to run are the;
i. Creditor Trial Balance
ii. G/L Account Movement Report
By running these two reports in combination, you will be able to see the balance of the Trade Creditors account on the same day as the Creditor Trial Balance